Monday, August 20, 2007


I mentioned a few posts ago that I'm trying to get a job at Starbuck's. Why, you ask? Well, I am one of those people who LOVES retail! It's not because I'm a big shopper, though. I enjoy working retail because I find satisfaction in serving people. Okay, so why Starbuck's, since those who know me know that I don't ever crave cradling a warm cup o' joe in my hands? The answer to that is simple: excellent product, excellent environment, excellent benefits.

I need to work (this goes for volunteering too) somewhere where I can unequivocably, without hesitation, endorse the product I'm selling. Starbuck's is known to have set the standard for excellent coffee. Even if I don't care for it all that much myself (I can enjoy it if it's loaded with sugar and cream and called a caramel macchiatto or a dolce de leche latte), I want to provide a product that people esteem as the best of the best.

I also need to work somewhere that provides an excellent environment. Great coffee, but horrible service? You'll go somewhere else for your creature comfort. Mediocre coffee, excellent environment? Same result. You have to do both well. Starbuck's marketed itself as everybody's "third place," where you go to meet your friends. I want to be part of creating that kind of place for people, because we're too isolated as a society, and that's dangerous.

The third reason why I chose Starbuck's as the company of choice for my part-time job is excellent benefits. This goes way beyond the free pound of coffee and free drinks, friends. This company VALUES its employees unlike any other food retail establishment. Full medical benefits, including dental and vision coverage, is offered in exchange for 20 hours a week of work. Where else could I find that? Nowhere. Being able to have great benefits at a reasonable price is something our family could enjoy--greatly. For example, the company where my husband works is small--under 30 employees. That kind of organization can't get excellent benefits at a reasonable cost. It's too risky for the provider. Therefore, we don't have vision coverage, and Bob is holding off getting new glasses because we don't have the money to pay for them out of pocket. I need to get my eyes examined too; all this crafting has made me more dependent on my glasses, and I'm pretty sure my prescription has changed.

The manager at the location where I applied told me that the company spends more annually on health benefits than it does purchasing coffee beans. Wow...that's putting your money where your mouth is. That's why 140,000 employees are so satisfied. They know they're valued by the company.

So, when do I start? Well, I didn't get hired at the location where I applied; my availability didn't match what they needed to cover in hours of operation. BUT, there's another store opening nearby in November, and the manager has asked me to check back with him in October and has promised to pass my name along to whoever is chosen to be the manager. I have 6 years of food retail experience--I sold gourmet chocolate and ice cream--and I'm sort of addicted to the experience. Here's hoping Starbuck's finds me good for their business.

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L. said...

Oh my gosh - this is really a beloved company for me, for all the reasons you say, and though I had never heard "third place" it SO is for me... I sure hope you get that job!! then you can tell me all their secrets! ;)