Thursday, August 16, 2007

I love it when a plan comes together...

I've known for most of my life that I'm the kind of person who thrives on deadlines. That must've been what helped me create this card yesterday! This is for Saturday's SAS, so now all I have left to do is cut a set of paper for a friend who found out after my deadline that she can come on Saturday. I'll happily cut extra for that reason!

The card uses Doodle This, which I did quite a bit with this spring when it was new. I'm glad it made it into the Fall-Winter Collection; it gave me more time to find new uses for it. The supplies include Wild Wasabi for the base (stamped with the same ink), Groovy Guava for the background (again, stamped with the same ink), and naturals ivory for the focal point. What really makes this card, in my opinion, is the addition of the copper metallic paper and the copper embossing powder on the flowers! The little greeting uses Rough Edges Alphabet.

On another note, we had a rough start to our morning here. There's a lot to adjust to in middle school, and I forget that each year has its own challenges. Last year there was NO way to miss the challenge--it was moving from IL to GA and going to public school after 6 years in private school! This year, I thought things would go more smoothly, even though we were districted for a newly constructed middle school. For the first few days, things have gone well. But this morning, Michael woke up with a nervous stomach and, as we were walking to the car to go to school, realized that he'd forgotten to do an assignment. I remember that feeling, don't you? The churning in the pit of your stomach that, not only had you forgotten, now you were going to be late! We got 'er done, and he was only 5 min. late. But my mama heart hurt for all he's trying to juggle so wonder he's nervous! All this to say, say a prayer for any kids you know who are going back to school.

Gotta run. Grocery shopping is calling, and I don't have a list yet! Please tell me this heat will break soon!

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L. said...


You did awesome! And I love the deadline thing. I'm the same way of course...

Bummer about the homework!! Tell him to hang in there..