Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anything BUT A Card Project #3--the Dilemma

This is a 5x8 covered notebook that I made for my best friend's daughter for her 13th birthday. Since I know you liked the post about Michael's birthday, let me take a little tangent and share that Emily is Michael's birthmate. No, they aren't twins separated at birth, but almost! They were born the same day, 6 hours apart (Michael's older), in the same hospital, and their mothers shared a recovery room.
Here's a picture of them from this summer, getting caramel swirl ice cream at the place I used to work, Graham's Fine Chocolates & Ice Cream. They've literally only known life without one another for less than a quarter of one day, so there's a special relationship our entire family shares with Em.

Here's what the notebook looks like inside:
There's a pocket on the left that's hard to see in the photo.

Anyway, I made this notebook cover because I saw this altered metal dvd tin with a 5x8 notebook inside, and a pocket on the alternate side of the paper, and I thought it was super cute and practical. Take a moment and go see it at Cambria Turnbow's blog: Stamp A Little Love, Baby! since I can't figure out how to import the images she posted! It won't take long...I'll wait.

Are you back yet? Okay, now that you've seen both, I need your opinion. Which would you want if you were coming to a class? Mine or Cambria's? The biggest factor in this dilemma is the cost in procuring the tin. In order for it to be cost effective to pay the UPS shipping (only option), I need to order 25 of them. That makes the cost per tin $1.85. I will need to charge $25 instead of $20 for the class, if this is the choice of the majority.

So, come on and let me know what you're thinking! Don't be like, "I'm okay with whatever..." PICK!! I need to order Tuesday...


NC said...

I ordered 25 of these, so I feel you pain!
I would go with the tins because
they are refillable, you can keep a pen inside, and they are way sturdier. I throw mine in and out of my bag, the car, etc.
Hope this helps a little ...

sandra said...

ok, I will go for the tin

L. said...

Okay, I'm going to be contrary here. I made up my mind. I personally would go for the tin, but for your camp, I would not. I think that if your customers can go home and recreate the project with maybe a trip to Office Depot for the pad or to WalMart, they're more likey to make another. If they have to get on Eclectic Paperie, order 25 just like you found you had to to make it a cost effective gift, I don't think the more casual stamper will commit to that. The camp has a business purpose for you and fun for them. If you want them to use their stamps and want more stuff from you, make it easy fun & duplicatable. I'm always disappointed when my customer buy fun stuff and don't use it because it doesn't "feel" easy. My 50 cents! ;)