Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I have a good excuse...

Really, I do! I was busy in the craft room at the end of last week and didn't have time, due to a workshop, to post over the weekend. I know what it's like to check in at a blog you enjoy and find nothing new for several days, so let me say right now that I'm sorry and that I'll try to do better. School started Monday, and that threw me off a bit too. I'm also trying to get a job at Starbuck's, but that's another story.

What also has me plotting and not playing is the fact that my friends/customers are coming this Saturday for a Stamp-A-Stack with the sets from the new Fall-Winter Collection. I have 3 cards figured out, but the remaining 2 have me stumped. I'm sure I'll figure something out--I have to, they're paying for me to! Another reason why there's no NEW picture to share.

Here's one from the archives though.
My dad's cousin lives nearby, so we were invited to her 50th birthday dinner earlier this spring. The invitation expressly forbid gifts, so I decided I'd make a card that was super special instead. It's hard to tell from this photo, but this card has 9 panels of birthday greetings, and 50 candles to boot! You can see each panel up close and personal at my web gallery Cindy's Birthday Card. I love the reaction that cards like this get from the recipient. That's why I got into card making in the first place--to bless friends and family with something made specifically with them in mind. That's why this blog has the name it does. I sign each of my cards with the phrase "Just for You!" and add my initials and the date, just like Hallmark does. I want those I send cards to to know that whatever event they're celebrating warranted a unique creation by me.

Thanks again for stopping by today. I'll try to be more regular in my postings, but I know you understand how life can get away from you at times...have a good day!

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