Friday, August 22, 2008

Springy Butterfly Redux!

I am home this afternoon, cutting card stock and ribbon for tomorrow's SAS. As I looked again at the springy butterflies card, I grew more concerned that it was going to take up too much time. After all, as originally crafted, this card has 8 small butterflies to stamp and cut and mount. We make 2 of each card at SAS, and the bottom line was that all that detailed cutting was going to chew up minutes we didn't have.

But I'd promised here that those who attend tomorrow's class will learn how to make a card using springs, and keeping my word is very important to me. So, I thought and thought, and came up with this solution!

I adapted the 4.25" x 4.25" card I made earlier to accommodate the spring! Yay for my brain! I am much happier with the card lineup now, and can't wait for the gals to arrive in the morning. Some have yet to see the new catalog, so they're in for a double good time!

As I've gone back and collected all that I need, I've realized that I'm using some items, like ribbon, and some colors from the new InColor 2008-2009 Collection more than once. At first this concerned me, but then I realized that I'm showing those who attend how to use limited supplies to create multiple cards! Again, yay for my brain! It was so smart that it did that without telling me!

I have other new stamp sets to initiate, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon...back to cutting and prepping. Don't you wish you were coming?


sandra said...

thanks for keeping the SAS simple but still exciting..looking forward to see you tomorrow morning

neelam said...

oh, i wish i was able to come to the sas! have fun tomorrow...with those cards, how could you not?? :)

JUST JUDY and her STAMPS! said...

A-DOR-ABLE! I'm waiting on this set in my order I can't wait to use! You did good!!!

Judy :)