Monday, August 4, 2008

New Bedroom Colors

This is what my dear husband took his hard earned vacation time to do for us while I was enjoying convention. He took several days off work so that he could be at home with our son, and together they tackled painting our master bedroom.

The decision to paint was instigated by the purchase of new bedding. I finally found what I'd been looking for! I'm not a floral girl, nor am I a frilly girl, so this makes it a bit more challenging to find something that I'm going to like.

Well, you know how hot blue and brown are, and before I found the bedding, I had told Bob that I wanted blue on the walls with brown accents. He would not go for it, stating that it would look like a nursery with blue on the walls. So, we compromised when I found the bedding, because the bedspread added a significant punch of blue to the room. I also have curtains this color, but have to wait for him to get home from a business trip (now it's his turn to travel) for them to be installed.

What do you think of the deep dark chocolate brown on the wall? It was Bob's idea, and I really like it. We felt the room could take that much of a dark color, since it has an entire bank of windows just opposite it, and because the room is fairly large.

I can't wait for the curtains to go up, and Bob wants to make a headboard that will incorporate the rust that's in the throw pillows and the sheets. SU! has a new line of unique, non-permanent, vinyl, rub-on wall decorations called Decor Elements, and one of them might just make a great statement in this room. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

and did you notice that the colors match the colors in your blog banner!

Lydia said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love your new bedding, I have my living room painted in those colors, I love the earth tones.

curtis said...

I love the colors, it is very rich looking. Great job! Susan N.

sandra said...

it is very nice. Alos my guest brdroon is choolate brown (curtains and pillows) with a light blue bedspread and cappuccino walls. and I love it like I love yours.

Parker said...

Nice bedroom!! Would like to have more photos of your house.