Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Know How to...

take something really simple and make it really hard. I laughed the other night when Bob said that it takes me 90 min. to make a card. I denied it! Well, there was an example online last night of a really cute, seemingly simple idea for a card using the new set, Flight of the Butterfly. I thought I'd start out my card making fest this morning with my interpretation of this example.

This turned into a much more complicated card the minute I decided to add more images. If one's good, three would be better, right? It's a simple concept--I can replicate it and make that much more of a WOW! WRONG! My version involved way more measuring and cutting than stamping, and precision cutting with an exacto knife at that.

When I finished cutting my first butterfly, it floated instead of being somehow magically still attached to the sides of the rectangle. Don't ask me how I didn't see that comin', but I didn't. That meant improvising, and that involved acetate.

I tried to be better with the remaining two images of adorable butterflies, but I thought it looked sad that they were imprisoned in their spaces. So I freed those 2 butterflies as well and spent more time than I have to cutting them just so and getting acetate in place for them to float on.

A sticky mess on the backside where I adhered said pieces necessitated the addition of an interior panel, and THEN I got the idea that they'd look good floating above the grass (introduce Inspired by Nature into this scenario).

I really am better at CASE'ing (Copy and Share Everything) others' work, so perhaps I should stick to that and not exasperate myself trying to improve upon something I already think is beautiful.

So, here's my card--at least 90 min. later. It was too stark without the bow, but I'm not sure how I feel about that either. Not everything turns out the way you think it will. Back to the crafting board...

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