Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head--YAY!!

It's a beautiful day here in north GA because Fay is finally dropping a motherload of RAIN on our area! It started raining yesterday, off and on, and it has been raining steadily all day today. It's creating a large red dirt puddle and small stream just off our deck in our backyard (which conveniently slants away from the house!), but bring it on--we'll take it!

I don't have to work today, so I'm spending the day in the craft room or on the couch reading or in the bathroom cleaning (I'm avoiding the last task as long as possible!). The sound of rain pattering on the roof and pinging down the gutters is one of my favorite things. I just hope the ground can absorb it, or that all the runoff finds its way into our lake and returns it to full pool--we're about 12 FEET below normal!

In other news, yesterday was my 18th wedding anniversary! I made this card quite awhile ago, but had saved it for just the right occasion. Well, yesterday certainly was the right occasion.

Let me tell you about my wonderful husband. We met 19 years ago, dated 3 months before getting engaged, and were officially married before we'd known each other a full calendar year. When you know, you know, and we were certain about our love for each other, even when others weren't. I have been so blessed!

I have a husband whose unconditional love for me is steadfast, whose support of my abilities and talents is unwavering, whose wisdom and gentleness set the tone for our home, and whose friendship makes me feel so secure. I so love you, Bob! We have had, by the grace of God, a strong, stable, fun life together. I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Thanks for all of you that you give so generously to me, day after day, year after year.

Since our anniversary happened to fall on piano lesson night this year, we're going out to dinner tonight. We're bringing our son along because his 14th birthday is tomorrow! I'll post pictures tomorrow of our meal out, because I'm hoping to get "my boys" to try sushi!

There's a break in the rain--hey, the sun's peeking out!--so I have to run out and try to pick up some Velcro dots so that I can post a picture of this WAY CUTE project I found online this past weekend and made this morning. Before I go, though, I wanted to post two cards I received this week. I'm just like everyone else--I LOVE REAL MAIL!--and these two cards are beautiful, aren't they?

I hope you're not hoarding your cards. Get them in the mail! They really will make someone's day. They don't have to say much. Just sending a little message communicates more than you know. Thanks, Lydia!


neelam said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Bob! Such sweet words you wrote about him too...does he read your blog? If not, make him! And Happy Birthday to Michael. Best of luck with the sushi! I'm so glad that they are game! YAY!!

Oh, and that upsy daisy card from the previous post: AWESOME.

Lydia said...


1) happy anniversary!! What a great family you have.

Now that you & me & Neelam are all on this post I wanna go have sushi with you guys. :(