Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Keeping You in the Loop

Hey all! I know several days have passed without a missive from me, and today is going to be a quickie with no photos. If you stop reading right now, I understand! Here's what's going on: I have a stamp camp tonight and my parents are arriving a day early to spend a week with us. Thank goodness I had a burst of energy last night and washed their bedding, cleaned their bathroom, vacummed the house, and mopped the floors! I feel pretty ready for their arrival, but I still have paper to cut after work this afternoon for tonight's class.

We'll see how much time there will be to play in the next week, but if I don't share much, don't despair. I'll be back! Thanks for understanding, and keep crafting!


Alexandra said...

Enjoy your visit! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

sandra said...

I really envy you...I still have to wait 4 months before seeing my parents again after 1.5 years!!!
Have fun