Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's Up?

Good morning dear friends! No picture yet today because, while I have the day off, I have to prepare my house for the staff from Starbucks. They--all 12 of them--will be arriving at my house for the holiday meeting (don't know what that is, but I'm sure it has something to do with whatever promotional stuff we'll be selling SOON). We're going to be dining together, with everyone pitching in. It's Italian themed, so I'm making lasagne (although it won't be as good as yours, Sandra!), someone else is bringing chicken parmesan, someone else caesar salad, etc. etc. etc. I'm looking forward to it. I love hosting people in my house!

I'm hoping I'll be done with all my work early enough to do some crafting. OH! Just opened the door to let the dogs in--my freshly bathed dogs, mind you--to find their paws ALL muddy! Guess I know what I'll be doing before I do anything else!

Happy day to you all!


Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Oh, sounds like a fun gathering!

sandra said...

I hope that your expectations on my lasagna are not too high!!!!!