Friday, October 19, 2007

HB revisited!

When I used to write sentiments for the cards I made, I came up with this one for a belated birthday: Better late than never said, Happy Birthday, friend! when I came home from a hectic day at Starbucks, there was a GIHUGEANT package waiting on the front porch. I thought it was something for Bob, since the box was labeled "Rudy's Country Store and BBQ." However, upon closer investigation, my heartbeat quickened when I saw the shipping label's return address was AUSTIN, TEXAS. Then I knew that the package was for me! Lydia, blogger friend from Understand Blue, had told me a package would be coming to celebrate my birthday. WOW...she wasn't kidding!

The first thing I saw when I opened the box were these cute notes tucked in this cute folded designer paper holder. They each have a different sentiment and the envelope flaps have scalloped edges! Too cute and sweet!

The next thing I found was this paper purse, made with a sturdy clear pouch. It's backed with wheeled paper (which also makes the flap), has cute little notes in it, and a velcro enclosure. I'm thinking my niece would love this. It may get new innards and be regifted for Christmas!

Things just kept coming from this box! Next, I found this very cool, large lined journal, stamped with neat vintage images. Not sure what I'm going to use it to keep track of, but I love it. That color combo of khaki and black is so classic, not to mention Starbucks uniform attire!

Then I came to a small styrofoam cooler. I thought that it wouldn't be past Lydia to send me some of that yummy cheesy sloppy joe stuff she featured on her blog a few days back. WRONG--sort of! Inside the chilled container were 2 items.Isn't this BEAUTIFUL? You gals who have been to my workshop this summer know how she accomplished this, but it's still amazing to me every time I see it. A stamped image melted into a candle. Those Texans know how to ship things so that they don't melt!

THIS was also in the cooler!!! This must be the year for me to sample exotic chocolate, because this bar definitely fit the bill. How she knew I love cherries is BEYOND me, but dark chocolate (73%, baby!) and cherry=divine! Michael wanted to sample some, and I begrudgingly shared. He didn't like it--yay! All the more for me, and I still get points for sharing! It's already half gone...

I was thrilled with everything that came in the box and photographed it all for you to see. While I was popping the airbag packaging that kept everything from shifting, I came across a wad of bubble wrap. I picked it up to throw it away, and discovered it was heavy. MORE?!, I thought? INDEED... I really don't know how she knows that I have this thing for jams, or how she knows that morello cherries are my favorites! Is she psychic? I took the picture in front of the cooler so that you could see that I'm not making this up! This is NOT being shared, I can tell you that right now! This is what will start my day tomorrow morning before I head out at 5:30a for Starbucks. I'm certain it will put a smile on my face!

Gifts are not my love language, usually. But, Lydia, this spoke to my heart! Thanks so much for everything. It was definitely better late than never!!!

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