Thursday, October 4, 2007

FRAP=Time for Crafting!

Last night I had a FRAP, otherwise known as a Frenetic and Random Activity Period. (You were thinking about coffee, weren't you.) The term usually applies to puppies who run around their houses like they're possessed, but I think it is an apt term to describe what I did last night too!

Here's what I accomplished in 90 min. I vacuumed the dog hair off the basement steps, which led to vacumming the basement carpets and hardwood(where our guest room is), which led to cleaning the guest bathroom (had to suck up dead bugs), which led to moving my son's Lego bins out of the guest room upstairs to his room (to make more room in the closet), which led to stripping the sheets off the guest bed to be washed and dried and folded, which led to cleaning said son's bathroom (since it's on the main level and will be inevitably be used by our guests at some point), which led to lugging the vacuum back upstairs to vacuum the dog hair (it's everywhere because they're everywhere!) from my bedroom floor! I was a cleaning MACHINE, I tell you!

Then I rewarded myself by checking out a new show on ABC called Pushing Daisies. I'd heard about it on NPR and it was acclaimed as one of only 2 innovative new shows in the fall lineup. We don't watch much tv, but the premise of this one was so unique that I had to view it and decide for myself. It was great--well written, full of whitty banter and subtle nuances. I'll be tuning in next week...

ALL that to say that TODAY has been a much more relaxed day because of my FRAP. It's almost noon, which means I do need to get on with some pressing things, like grocery shopping and some writing, BUT I did get another card made, so I'm sharing before I throw myself headlong into the rest of the day. Or maybe I'm avoiding what I don't want to decide.

I need card designs for the Autumn-themed Stamp-A-Stack that's next Saturday (RSVP deadline is Tues., Oct. 9, so don't delay!), so I went to a web posting I'd seen a few weeks ago about a criss cross card. This is what I came up with. Thanks goes to Beate Johns and Cambria Turnbow for the inspiration.

When the insert is removed, you can see what the ensemble looks like.

I like the leaf at the top as the "tab" of sorts. I curled it a bit by using my embossing stylus. I'm leaving this blank because I want to give my stampers the option of customizing it while they're here--it would be a good masculine birthday card, a good sympathy card, an excellent thank-you/thanksgiving card, or just a thinking of you card. A good card to have in the stash! Don't think there will be much posting until early next week, unless I share some photos from our weekend with Darcie and her daughter Emily, who happens to be my son's best friend. We have LOTS planned and we'll probably feel like we've had several FRAPs by the time they go home Monday evening. Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget you can RSVP here, if you haven't already, for the Autumn SAS just by leaving me a comment.

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Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Oh, I wish I had the energy to FRAP!!! :) Beautiful card! Love the colors!