Wednesday, October 17, 2007

DVD Tin Paper Options

I have received some inquiries about the DVD notebook tins that I posted a few weeks back. They were part of my Sept. Anything BUT A Card Workshop. I have added up the cost of the materials, and added something for my time, and have come up with a price of $10 each.

Blogger is having some issue with posting images right now, and so I'm going to post them at my web gallery. Here's the link for the first set: Cutie Pie Paper DVD Notebook Options

Each picture shows two patterns of paper, and most show one or two ribbon choices. Tbe paper at the top is the body paper, and the paper below it is the stripe across the middle. You may choose one of the ribbons, and the paper combination cannot be altered. They are what they are, ladies! Some of the papers I am offering are in limited supply because they are retired. Keep this in mind as you order and ask if you'd like more than one in a retired paper pattern.

I got one to post so you have some idea of what you'll be looking at when you go to my web gallery.

I will need to have all orders for Christmas by Sat., Nov. 10. I will guarantee delivery by Sat., Dec. 15. If you want them shipped to you, you'll pay the USPS Priority Mail price.

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Anonymous said...

Jenn -
Thanks for the creative ideas. The tin will make a great teacher's gift!