Monday, October 29, 2007

Coming Clean...

Many of you think that I'm a very neat and tidy person who keeps a neat and tidy home. That is mostly true. However, I feel the need to let you know that I am messier than the appearance of my house may lead you to believe. So, in the spirit of full disclosure, here are pictures I snapped this morning of my craft room.

This is the surface of a table given to me by one of my friends. I have really put it to good use, huh!
At least I've covered every square inch of it with something! The lower right corner of the table is where I have my cutting station, and what you see is what happens to the unused paper when I go on to my project! I'm having storage issues, as you'll see in the next picture.

This card table is on the other side of this bedroom cum crafting space. My designer paper landed there when I took it all out of the closet, where it lays on a shelf, to photograph it for the DVD notebook tin paper options I'm offering you. I really need a good storage solution for this too, but hanging file folders aren't working because the paper's 12x12.

Lastly, I reveal my craft table, which is where I work. Hard to believe, but I just walked away and left it like that. I was productive there this weekend, and I'll show you what I made later this week. But I'm not getting things put away before I'm walking off to do something else, and then I have to do that cleaning up when I come back so that I have enough room to work! Santa's supposed to be bringing me a LARGE wall unit that will store all my stamp pads and markers (the deadline for ordering one for Christmas delivery is Thurs., Nov. 1), and I'm really looking forward to figuring out a perfect spot for that. Maybe that will clear more space on the table. I'll still probably only work in a 6x6 piece of real estate on that surface!

If anyone has any good, inexpensive storage ideas, I'd be glad to hear them! I need help, and the first step to getting it is admitting you have a problem. "Hello, my name is Jenn, and I'm a messy stamp room keeper."


My Paper World said...

I have storage issues too! I dont think there really are any tidy crafters out there! are there????

sandra said...

you should see my desk at work, not only my craft room!!!
what I always say to myself (and my mom and my boss and my husband...) is that creative people must be a little messy: you cannot close the imagination and the creativity in a cage!!!!

L. said...

HAHAHA! You know what your problem is?? You're not using enough of your horizontal surfaces! Girl, you gotta start putting stuff on the floor!!!! If this is messy, I should be locked up!

I agree with Sandra - If you're gonna make an omelet, you gotta break a couple eggs!!

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

That is still pretty neat in my opinion! :)