Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just thought you'd want to know...

that the bathroom is clean (including the globes for the light fixture and the shells in the fishbowl that were gathering dust and the floor--I did it ALL!), my bed's sheets are stripped from the bed, the fan in the bedroom was dismantled and washed and reassembled, the furniture in the bedroom was dusted (I HATE DUSTING!!), three or four loads of laundry are done and put away, son's drawers and our front closet have been sorted and outgrown clothing has been bagged up to be dropped off at the Goodwill, the hardwood floors are gleaming (yes, I washed them on my hands and knees like mom taught me!), and I'm now going to go to the shower!!

I think we'll be heading to Chick-Fil-A tonigth for dinner--I've earned it!

Tomorrow I'm going to PLAY...and wipe the dog snout marks off the front door glass!

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