Monday, September 3, 2007

Doin' Nothin'...and the majority has spoken

I've known this about myself for some time, and today is no exception: I'm not good at doin' nothin'. By the end of this vacation day, I'll have wished I would've stamped something or read more of a book I started. But I can't seem to get there from here. Not sure why either...

I am wondering how many will rush to RSVP tomorrow for the Anything BUT A Card class on Sept. 15, since that's when the deadline is. BTW, only 1 person has said that she doesn't want the 5x8 notebook in the metal tin, so I placed an order last night for them! I wish I could get the word out to other crafters that the price that eclectic Paperie, an online stamping supplies store, is charging for 1 tin is exhorbitant, compared to what I got it for from a company in Canada.

I shopped at, and paid $1.14 per + shipping (only via UPS, so that upped it significantly), while eP sells them for $2.49 + shipping. I did a little cost comparison, and I was able to get 25 for the same price I could've gotten 12 through eP!! It pays to shop around, dearies! Since it's not a holiday today in Canada, I hope my order will ship, and that I'll get it by Thursday or Friday.

I did do some stamping on Saturday, and here's the card I made. I used Beate's weekend sketch challenge.Here's the link to check it out. I very rarely use any materials other than Stampin' Up! stuff, but I found this paper at Hobby Lobby and loved it. It's in my favorite earth tone color palette which matches my favorite season, so it had to go home with me. The stamp is also an oldie that's been around for years and years. I'm a sucker for any stamp with leaves! Autumn may be on the way here...this morning it was in the mid-60s! Haven't seen an overnight temp that low in over 30 days, so there's hope yet for cooler weather. It's supposed to be in the 90s the next few days, though. Baby steps...

Tomorrow's my first day at Starbucks. I'll post late afternoon to let you know how it went! Thanks for stopping by today. Would love to know what you're doin' with your holiday today...


L. said...

Holy cow!! That is a big price difference!! Thanks for sharing that - I will use them for my cropadile camp! I hope a bunch of people read your post. I'll send my friends your way. I am stamping today, but avoiding everything I should be working on to do various fun projects I've seen on blogs. I'll post them later tonight after my computer doctor hopefully saves me. He's here now and I'm working on my laptop. I did some cute 3x3 notes I think you'll like - I think they'd be great for a workshop just to show how simple and inexpensive and fast stamping can be. Since you have workshops and I don't.. =)~ Isn't amazing how fast the "long" weekends go? *sigh*

Annette said...

Thanks for letting us know about the price difference. You are talking about the CD tins correct? Just making sure I am on the same page.
It has been a long day.
We spent the day off visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. What a great day for a ferry ride. We live in NJ and with in 30 minutes from the Jersey side of the Statue - I have been there as a kid - way back when. But for my Long Island Husband and kids it was the first time they were actually on the 2 islands. They have all passed it on boats on the Hudson but have never stopped there.
It was just a gorgeous day for it! I am glad we took the time to go. We did some computer research at Ellis Island for our grandparents who came through there in the early 1900's. Much success-I think we found all of them! YEAH. That was so interesting. The people who work there are so helpful and so knowlegable (not sure if that is a word). But they were able to tell us a lot by looking at the ship's manifests.
Very cool to do if you have anyone who came to America through Ellis Island.
Can't believe the weekend is over already.
Thanks again for sharing your price finds.

Jenn in GA said...

Annette--Effectuality does sell cd tins as well, but the tins I am speaking of are the dvd tins. The cd tins might be the same price, or less. They also sell the altoid tins. Great site!