Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Looked in the Mirror and What Did I See?

Today I spent time with 4 other new Starbucks partners going through "The Starbucks Experience." The training was 4.5 hours long, and it provided me with some education about coffee and the philosophical foundations that guide the growth and culture of this fast-growing corporation.

But that wasn't the biggest takeaway of the day for me. What I realized again about myself is that I'm my biggest limiting factor when it comes to succeeding. What's holding me back? I'm just not all that inquisitive. That's not a good quality, and I want to change it. I think the reason I'm not all that interested in learning new things is because, in order to learn new things, you have to be open to making mistakes. I really don't like for others to see that I don't know something, or that I'm not competent. The root of this is arrogance, pride, and lack of self-love, I think. Chinedo, a man from Nigeria who was part of the training session, pegged it when he said that learning requires humility. Ouch...that's definitely something I need more of in my life.

This has given me lots to ponder. And I need to do that while I go make a card for a friend whose mother-in-law died yesterday. So many cards...not enough time. Thanks for reading this ramble. If you have any insights on how I might develop more humility, I'm open to hearing them.


NC said...

Wow, Jenn! That's deep, and very true. Thanks for the reminder and the food for thought!
Nothing beats self exploration and growth.


sandra said...

I fill your pain: it took me a while before finally accepting that it's OK showing that you don't know everything but you are willing to learn. And after you figure that out, it's amazing how people feel more comfortable on helping you, because that makes feel them better too. just think on how good you feel when you teach us a new stamping technique and you see the results and how good we feel when we are able to accomplish it, even if it's not perfect.
Humility it's a long road filled with bumps, but when you get there, everything is much easier (and I'm not there either....)

L. said...

Well if I can wax all deep about stamping for a second I think that it takes a LOT of humility and openness to put something that is entirely your creation on the internet and ask the question - "what do you think"? You have that in you, girl. But that's not to say it's easy everywhere. At work I'm very protective that way too so I get it! That's an important place to show everyone your best.. But humility sure as heck is a good one to work on. Thanks for making me think about it. And bravo to s-bucks on the training. I'd love to hear more about that!