Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Starbucks, Day 1

Hey friends! I know you've been waiting to hear how my first day at Starbucks was, so here's the story.

I spent a good amount of the first hour filling out paperwork, and the thing that impressed me the most was the opportunity I had to participate in the CUP fund. CUP, which stands for Caring Unites Partners, is a fund that is maintained by partner (Starbucks term for "employee") donations. If a partner experiences a personal crisis, such as a house fire that destroys her belongings, a death in the family, a personal illness, or such, she can apply to receive funds from this account. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, every Starbucks partner in New Orleans and the region immediately had $300 direct deposited into their bank account, or had a check issued in their name. There's a real culture of caring at this huge company, and I like what I see already.

After filling out paperwork, I helped a gal take 3 loads of garbage and broken down cardboard boxes to the dumpster. Why was there so much garbage at the beginning of the day? Because it is standard Starbucks policy that no partner takes garbage out after dark. It's not safe. After this, I was told to read part of the partner handbook. Then I went on the floor to get my introduction to the different stations and the products made at each. I learned how to make frappuccinos (NOT "fraps" for short, which I mistakenly called them, as "frappuccino" is a trademarked term), which ones have whipped cream on them, which lid goes on which size, etc. I understood how to make them fairly quickly, but the sizes--tall, grande, and venti--still could stop me like a deer in headlights. I wonder if my fellow employees could tell that I haven't frequented the joint for years!

The store was fairly busy, so I just listened, wiped down surfaces, and tried to jump in and be helpful where I could. I could not ring up customers, which is a mercy, but I'll be learning the POS (Point of Sale) register tomorrow.

The people I worked with today were very friendly, helpful, happy, and welcoming. I could also tell that they enjoy working with each other, so I think this is going to be good...really good.

Thanks for being interested...


sandra said...

it looks like a nice place where to work.
I'm happy for you

Nancy Riley said...

So glad to hear that your first day on the job went well! I really hope you love working there! P.S. I like my FRAP creamed!

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

That's great! I'm so glad your first day went well! I was wondering how things were as we stopped by a Starbuck's yesterday! :)

L. said...

I'm so excited about your first day!!! I would also like to hear more about the internal charity. We have something similar at our work, but yours sounds more standardized - I'd love any details you could give me.

Also, the DOVES WERE PURR-FECT today!!!! and I have to confess - they're gone!!!!!

Back home safe and getting read to stamp! =) Thanks again, kind lady!!