Wednesday, July 18, 2007

With or Without U?

I made this card this afternoon as I was trying to come up with a sample for my display board using the new Pick A Petal set. I'm happy with everything except the final detail.
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Should the card have the "U" on it or not? I'd really appreciate your feedback. And don't say that either one is fine--I want an opinion! Have a good evening...


Susan said...

with look better love you work thanls for sharing
Bye For now

Dianne said...

I like it without better. I like the flower being the main focus rather than the "U." Beautiful card!

Dawn Mercedes said...

I'm excited to see this 6inch pocket card! Just today I was wishing it could be done with a 6 inch square... haha...I guess I should have tried.

To save can also make them out of 12x4 inch paper...scoring every 4 inches.

Meanwhile...check out my blog for your award!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

I like the U...but maybe straighten it out a little bit!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Can you send me your email address so I can tell you how to put that rockin blogger girl on your blog? Mine is dawnmercedes at hotmail.


Wife2TJ said...

I like it with the U. It looks great!