Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quiet Sunday...good day for a BOOK!

It's a weird weather day here in GA--cloudy, so the temperature is low, but the humidity percentage almost matches the Fahrenheit. You can imagine what that means! We're indoors this afternoon, napping, playing a computer game, and blogging!

I mentioned 2 books that I might write about later, and later is now! The first is by Elizabeth Berg, a wonderful author from Chicago, and her latest is called Dream When You're Feeling Blue. It's set in Chicago during WWII, and centers around the lives of the sisters of the Heaney sisters. The 2 older sisters have beaus who leave them for service overseas, and each responds differently to the separation. It's a great, quick, escapist read.

The second book is by Ann Brashares (would love to know how to pronounce her last name!), author of the popular teen novel series Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The Last Summer (of You and Me)is her first adult novel, and in it she tells the story of three friends--2 sisters and the boy next door--who grow up together each summer at Fire Island off Long Island in NY. This is set in present day, and explores the tension that exists when the threesome try to keep things the way they were when they were kids, even though times and feelings have changed. This too is an engrossing read, and I found myself picturing the beach, the houses, and feeling the pull of the past against the present and the possible future right along with the characters.

Now that I've shared 2 of my recent favs, what about you? What are you reading this summer, fleeting though it is?


L. said...

Hey nice lady! Thanks for the kind words on my blog! When I'm not stamping this summer, I'm sampling the Reagan diaries, touching, sweet, fascinating. Then there are the 8 million stamping magazines and Martha Stewarts I'm trying to catch up on. I'm listening to Peggy Noonan's book on Pope John Paul on my Ipod - it's UNBELIEVABLY great!!

Amy said...

Jenn, CHA stands for Craft & Hobby Association. They hold two huge conventions every year. It's where all the craft manufacturer's gather and show off their new products for the upcoming season. I don't know if they are in the same places this year. The winter CHA was in CA, and the summer CHA is in Chicago this year. You have to be a member of the organization to attend, or attend on behalf of a member. I'm going as a "media" person, so I get in that way. Hope this helps!