Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Climbing the walls

We have less than a month left until school begins again. I can hardly believe that we're here already! The summer has been so good, with several highlights for our son, Michael, who is almost 13:

whitewater rafting trip with Dad
spending time with friends
time at the lake in WI with family
improving his tennis skills at a day camp

But now, as you can see, he's climbing the walls. While there's a smile on his face because he's figured out this neat little trick, he really is at a loss to know what to do each day. I've said for a long time that I did not take on the title of "entertainment director" when I became a mom, and I've communicated repeatedly that I'm not responsible for his fun. But I remember what it was like to be his age. You can't go anywhere by yourself, and you're too old to enjoy the things that used to amuse you. You're also too young to have a job (although he has made good money mowing 2 lawns this summer), and the structure that provides for your day. Being a teenager can be boring sometimes...

Anybody have any suggestions? He's read at least 10 books and is taking piano lessons, which means he has to practice 30 min. a day. Computer time is earned by practicing, but we have regular conversations about whether or not he can earn any more time each day. I love computers, but I hate computer games! They are like quicksand--easy to get into, difficult to get out of in a timely manner. We've been to the subdivision pool. If you can relate to any of this and can offer some sort of advice, I welcome it!


L. said...

There's always model building, origami and my brother's fave when he was little - his microscope & chemistry set. If he's not OCD like my brother =) then how about magic/card tricks?

Jenn in GA said...

We have a model downstairs that we need supplies, and yet he doesn't want to walk down the stairs to see what's on the list...it's the time of year...i just have to endure 12 more days.