Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Can It Be?

Where has this week gone? My days have been full; I've been doing exciting things like laundry and grocery shopping, but I didn't think it could be Thursday already! I lost an hour of my life yesterday trying to clean the grout in the shower. Any suggestions on how to defeat that stuff without so much elbow grease? UGH. And my folks arrive on Monday for a visit. That's not even a room they're going to see! You're not here to read a rant on cleaning or lost time, but thanks for letting me share. Let's get down to business.

Last night I was prepping materials for my Stamp-A-Stack this weekend, and it dawned on me at 7:30 that I had yet to make my brother-in-law's birthday card. His birthday is May 28, so that meant I had to get the card to the post office this morning on my way to work in order for it to have a prayer of getting there on time.

I've known for over a week what card I wanted to make. I'd seen this one by Stasia Sloma and wanted to put my own spin on it. But I had procrastinated and needed to work fast before I lost the ability to form a coherent thought, let alone a creative one. So I chose Bordering Blue because it's masculine and because it's retiring, paired it with Sahara Sand and Whisper White and got down to making a quick and easy card.

Sorry for the less than fantastic photo, but you get the idea. Disregard the semi-cockeyed WW layer too. It was stuck on too well for me to peel it off and I was beyond caring at that point. Besides Circle Circus, I also used a retired set from SAB called Congrats. I like how it turned out.

Now here's the rest of the story. I drove to work early (remember that I get up at 3:45a most mornings) to stick this and another birthday card in the mailbox. I worked my shift at Starbucks. On the way home, I call my sister to catch up and chat a bit. I ask her if she's doing anything special for him, since his birthday is this weekend. She paused and said, "It's not 'til JUNE 28, Jenn."



paperpotter said...


paperpotter said...

But what a beautiful card! Love those colors together!

Lydia said...

It never ceases to amaze me as a papercrafter that I still have to make cards ten minutes before an event!!

Love this card. One of my fave sets ever!