Monday, May 3, 2010


I have been quiet here the past few weeks because I've been at work on a large project. Last Wednesday, I finished them, and the client received them last Friday. Now I can share them with you!

I made 250 of these 5"x7" invitations for a great organization, Amazima Ministries. You can read all about the work it does by clicking on the icon in my right hand column. Last year I handcrafted 175 invitations; this year they wanted something a little more simple.

There are 5 layers of card stock on the strip that peeks out at the top and bottom of the invite, using Real Red, YoYo Yellow, Glorious Green, Lovely Lilac, and Brilliant Blue, all from the Bold Brights family. The largest swatch was 2" and the pieces went down in 1/4" increments from there. It was a lot of card stock to cut--600 of each color! These colors mimic those in the fingers of the handprint, which is the logo for the organization.

I love being able to invest in this cause in this way. If you're interested in attending the fundraiser in Brentwood, TN, outside Nashville, please contact me, and I'll get you connected to the right people at Amazima.

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paperpotter said...

Way to go Jenn! I love the bright colors, too. One of our Club gals is bringing all her materials tomorrow and we're making her daughter's wedding invitations .... all bright colors and rhinestones, too. Hope to get a couple hundred cut out and maybe 50 assembled. It feels good to contributer, just like you said.