Friday, May 7, 2010

Bleached Flowers for YouTube!

EDITED TO ADD: Here's the video link: Mother's Day Card Tutorial!

I was asked by fellow Starbucks partner and aspiring videographer, Aldo, if he could make a video of me making a card for Mother's Day. After several scheduling hiccups, we were able to make it happen at the almost-11th-hour this afternoon. I can hardly contain my excitement as I wait for him to finish post-production on it, and as soon as it's available, you'll see it here, and on YouTube, and on Facebook!

Let me post a few pictures of the card I made using the Watercolor Trio that's in the current Summer Mini Catalog and a technique called bleaching. Aldo wanted to post a video demonstrating how to make a card if you had limited resources and limited time. It occurred to me that someone might have stamps laying around, but no ink. What would you do then? Make your own ink pad using bleach!

The most important thing you need when using this technique is dark card stock. This just doesn't have the same effect if you don't. It's so cool to watch the image appear, as if out of thin air. Wait 'til you see it in the video!

I repurposed a Chinese takeout container for my bleach pad by lining it with several layers of paper towel and saturating it with bleach. I didn't dilute it; I just poured it straight onto the towels. I stamped the images and used a simple mat to help it stand out a little more.

The final result makes it appear as though I somehow was able to get Pale Plum ink to show up on Perfect Plum card stock. Love it! Hope anyone in need of a last-minute card who's surfing YouTube, the internet, and Facebook will too.


Anonymous said...

Jenn, loved your video! Love the quick easy "bleach" card. Very well done!

Nina said...

Jenn you're a STAR! Really like the card and the presentation.