Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Recap

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! Bob and I went to Married Life Live, a quarterly marriage enrichment event that our church sponsors. He worked in the video control room as the shader. The shader is the person who makes sure that what is seen on the big side screens is the same skin tone and color palette as what is being seen live. I sat in the control room during the entire event, so this was my view of the action. There are about 10 tv monitors--maybe more--that keep track of the different cameras, both still and roving, and the director switches back and forth between the different angles he wants. It's fascinating to see "behind the scenes".

One of the perks of this job (for me, at least) is that those who work have a meal provided by the church before the event begins. What's even nicer is that the spouses of those who are working are invited to come eat with their honeys before the event begins. Nice, huh!

One of my FAVORITE things about these events is the dessert that is catered. Sally's Catering makes these AMAZING little treats she calls Dosie Does. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that there are 2 cookies sandwiched together with fabulous vanilla frosting. I don't care what they're called, they're FABULOUS! I'm sure I could make them at home, but it's so much better when Sally makes them, and all I have to do is enjoy (and try not to eat more than 1!)!

The topic was "Finishing Together", which we fully intend to do! We had a busy week last week, so it was good to get some time together to connect, hear some excellent music, and receive some great instruction. It was good to be reminded that we need to make time for couple time, hanging out without an agenda like we used to when we were dating.

We're so good at keeping up with our schedules--we never miss appointments and our kids get to every activity we've signed them up for--but we don't give ourselves permission or ramp up the creative and logistic energy necessary to make time alone with our spouse happen.

So, what our church is doing is planning 6 date nights, with a variety of activities and in a variety of price ranges, to help us get over the hurdle of not knowing what to do and therefore not making time for it. Cool, huh? It's called the Great Date Experiment. I'll keep you posted...

Hope your day was special, even if only in some little way.


Oatsvall Team said...


Hey, Gwen here ... Thanks for stopping by the blog ... Abigail and Joseph are not identified yet ...We just know we are bringing home a brother and sister from Africa ... I hope that helps ...Please pray with us as we fundraise and prepare to bring home two more angels ... God has truly blessed our family and we can't wait to see our next two children ...

I love your V-day post ... What fun and I to am a huge dessert lover ... The 6 date nights sounds amazing ...Blessings to your family!

Adriane Kelly Winchester said...

I heard Married Night Live is awesome! My cousin goes with her hubby every time :) although this time he couldn't get off work (firefighter) and wasn't there. Although she had her parents, inlaws and inlaw grandparents with her so she wasn't alone :) Tracy and I would have gone if it wasn't Valentines night and we already had tickets for Kooza, which was completely awesome! Hopefully we'll catch the next one :) Glad you had a good time - Jessica (my cousin) raves about the desserts too!!!