Monday, January 5, 2009

Keeping Track

I like to remember my family's and my friends' birthdays, yet, doing so with my daytimer wasn't working. Since my calendar is only week-at-a-glance, I'd turn the page, and there would be someone's birthday, sometimes on a Monday, and I'd not have a card ready.

While I was surfing the blogsphere a few days ago, I realized I was not alone in this struggle. Nichole Heady posted her solution to this dilemma on her blog. She also assigned her senior design team to the task, and one of those designers, Lisa Johnson, came up with this great idea using coasters!

I really like it, because it will allow me to post these coasters on my refrigerator one month or several at a time, so that, at a glance, I will know which birthdays I have coming up that need to be prepared for. Lisa was even so kind as to provide a downloadable pdf of the template she created for the months!

I had a good time combing through my stamp sets to find images that were the right size and seasonally appropriate. It was such a fun little project that it made me wonder who else might enjoy having this system for themselves. I counted out sets of 12 coasters from my stash and I have 6 available.

So, I'm going to host a class at my house next Saturday afternoon, Jan. 17. All my stamp sets and accessories will be available for you to use, and the cost is a mere $8. The deadline to register for this class will be Wednesday, Jan. 14.

If all six slots are not claimed, I'll open it up for any of my blog readers who'd like to purchase the coasters for making this project yourself! The cost for you will be the same, but you won't have access to my stamps!

If you're interested in reserving a spot for the class, please leave a comment or email me (click on my profile to get my address). Stay tuned for news about a great special from SU! The deals just keep on comin'!!

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