Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Box in a Bag: My Fetish for Containers Continues...

Since I have now admitted that I have a thing for containers, it might surprise you when I confess that I've known about the template for this adorable container creation for some time. I'm not sure why I haven't made one before now, but tonight the urge to make one struck me when I saw it on Stampin' with Di's blog.

I pulled out some retired cardstock (Purely Pomegranate) and DP (Cutie Pie), and followed the simple tutorial that Di supplied. This size is just fantastic for goodies, homemade or otherwise! I kept mine fairly unadorned, since my husband and son would frown on frills.

Since photos can be deceiving, let me offer up the dimensions for this container. The base is 3.5" square and the height is 5.5". You could hide a bunch of cute stuff in this thing--a small stuffed animal (think Beany Baby), a healthy pound of malted milk balls, a nice stack of homemade chocolate chip cookies, a small bottle of lotion and a spa gift card...it might even hold a very small plant! The tabs that the ribbon is threaded through were made using the label punch.

My boss at Starbucks and I are brainstorming another campaign to spread some love with cards. We're thinking of giving our customers the opportunity to make cards that we'd donate to the Ronald McDonald House in Atlanta. Those families want to express their love for each other, but I'm sure they don't have time or energy to go out looking for a valentine. I don't have all the details yet, but when I do, I'll post them here so that you can join me on the days when I'm hosting this stamping opportunity.

My boss is also wondering if it might help draw folks in if they get to make something for themselves too, so I'm thinking about offering this bag. What do you think? Would you be more inclined to make a special outing to make a card for charity if you could also make something you'd get to keep during the same timeframe? I really would like to get your feedback on this. It's hard to anticipate what people want.


jmniffer said...

I think the idea of valentines cards for the Ronald McDonald house is great. I believe people would be more apt to stop in if they also got to make something for themselves. The Box in a bag is cute, however it does use a bit of CS. A diaper fold pouch (turorial on SCS) might be more cost effective and tempt people to get a gift card to put in it. Or some might prefer being able to make a valentine card of thier own to give to someone they love. Whatever you do will be appreciated, I'm sure. jmniffer

denise said...

I love the idea. Personally, it wouldn't make much difference if i got to make something for myself... however, I think most would like the opportunity to do it. If you decide to let them make a project keep it simple and cheap...... I like the idea of a valentine card..... that kinda goes with the theme of caring/loving those around us...... I would even pay a small fee to participate if I knew it would go to the charity.

Good luck. AND thank you for your blog. I so enjoy it!

Chris said...

I think you have a great idea for those Valentine's cards for RMD House. I think you would get a lot of traffic to participate.
The bags are really cute. I like that idea. You are such a thoughtful person always thinking of others. 8->
Hugs from Michigan

Life with Kaishon said...

The school detention program I work in always makes Christmas cards for the kids in Ronald McDonald House. It is my favorite activity : ). I can't wait to hear how your customers like doing this! What a great and innovative idea! I think that people would love making a bag for themselves when they come to the event. Letting them give something and take something is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Those little boxes are adorable!