Sunday, January 18, 2009

Carpeting and a Teaser

This is how my craft room looked Friday morning. GOODBYE, ugly, old, stained carpet!! Here's what it looked like 3 hours later. Aaaaahhhh...much better. It's frieze (free-ZAY), a short shag of sorts, from Lowe's, in the Old Pebble color. We've sworn off shoes in the house now, and the dogs paws are being wiped with great care to make sure this carpet doesn't get stained with GA clay ANYTIME soon!

Friday night Michael had 2 boys spend the night, and we used their middle school muscles to put some of the furniture back where it belongs. Then they spent significant quality time together playing Halo on xBox.

The whole process was as close to moving as I want to go in the near future, but don't hear that comment as a complaint! I was happy to exert my muscle power and get some more organizing done while things were a bit cattywampuss. Everything has been put aright, and all we're waiting for is the 12'x12' bound remnant that will go in the main living area.

Speaking of waiting, in less than 24 hours, the Spring-Summer 2009 Idea Book & Catalog debuts and can be purchased from online! I'll show you a card made with the Love You Much bundle then (there are rules about not posting pictures of product before it's available, and I'm doing my best to comply--it's not easy!). Until then, here's a teaser--it's really hard to tell what that is, right?


sandra said...

the carpet looks amazing (I saw it in person!!!) and the new catalogue is great, as usual. I'm looking forward to next saturday for the SAS.

Vanessa said...

New carpet - whoo hooo! It looks great.

Anonymous said...

Love new carpet! So show us the room with furniture in it! I love fun rooms and love ideas for them! Have a great day!