Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Completely Cool, No Stamping Card

I'm almost afraid to say what I'm thinking at this moment. I'm on a roll! I've posted regularly for over a week now, and the cards I've shown you I'm really happy with. I won't go on about that any longer, though, because I don't want to jinx the mojo. 'Nuf said.

Today's card started out as a sincere attempt to make a flowery card that used the Eastern Blooms stamp set. I saw one I liked on SCS and was pretty set on it. Then I saw a completely different layout I really liked better, and I was off on a rabbit trail. A trail that turned out very nicely, I might add, and led me to an Urban Garden.

The use of big flowers is very "in" right now, so that's what I was going for initially. But, just to show you what looking at pictures can do for your creativity, here's the card by Tam Fielder (thanks, Tam!) that sparked my imagination. Looks very quick and simple, and I love the three letter focal point in the middle.

So, I pulled out my Urban Garden DSP and started calculating and cutting. I want my Saturday SASers to make this, so I had to be sure I have enough flowers for each of them. Once that was determined, I started fooling around with the size of the card. Those blossoms--any idea what kind of flower they emulate?--are pretty big...2.25" in diameter at least. That meant a standard 4.25"x5.5" card wasn't going to give me enough elbow room to breathe. I went with 5.5" square, and couldn't be happier.

The base is Very Vanilla, and you can't see it because it's completely covered by a piece of UGDP. I chose this because it has a smaller pattern than the flowers and also has a fantastic garden scene going on. The center strip is 2.5"x5.5" and is also from the UGDP package. (Could someone please identify what that color is? I'd really like to know, but it doesn't match perfectly anything I have!) Yes, it took some quality time to cut the three flowers, but the SASers are only going to make one of these cards, so it's not going to be too time consuming.

I have a variation on this theme that I'll be back with tomorrow. Couldn't let all those partial flowers around the edges of each sheet go to waste!

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