Sunday, December 16, 2007

Why I Save my Scraps...

If you've ever been asked by friends or your spouse, "Why do you save all those scraps?" you can show them this post as justification. I spent some time this afternoon wrapping presents to ship home because we found frequent flier mile tickets that will allow us to do the trip so much less expensively than driving it. All good, except we don't want to check luggage or be human pack mules through the airport!

In years past, I just used a Sharpie marker and wrote names on the packages. This year, I have a set of tag stamps and thought I'd see just how quick and easy it would be to use them to get these packages properly labeled.

Alright, I think it took all of maybe 5 minutes to choose the ink color that matched the paper (Real Red for the rainbow paper and Purely Pomegranate for the snowflake paper) AND stamp all that I need! I didn't realize before now how much I'd like having tags that matched the paper. I'm still not a bow person--they just get smashed during transport--but you'll be seeing matching tags on my presents from here forward!


Phuong said...

Wow, very beautiful!!! I can not wait to make some for me!!!

My question, can you tell me where I can buy the acetate sheets to make the boxes?

Thank you very much

Jenn in GA said...

acetate sheets are also known as transparencies, and can be purchased at any office supply store.