Monday, December 17, 2007

Michael's Ornament

Every year since Michael was a baby, we've been choosing an ornament that best exemplifies the year. When he was very little, it was much harder, but as the years have progressed (they're progressing too quickly now--does someone know how to slow them down?), the ornaments have commemorated new experiences (soccer one year, baseball another), things he was into (trains, Star Wars) get the idea. Last year, we bought a simple wooden ornament in the shape of the state of GA to remember the move (how could we forget?). But this year, I was a bit stumped. Then it hit me! Michael is part of the student body at Little Mill Middle School in its inaugural year. So, I set out to create a memento.

I knew I wanted it to look masculine, but I wasn't wed to the school's colors--black, red, and khaki. I wanted to capture the spirit of the wild mustang, the school's mascot. I started with the retiring Outlaw designer paper by SU! (get yours now; it's gone Dec. 31 or whenever it sells out!) and Ace Hardware twine. Initially, I had it threading through the holes instead of wrapping around the edges, and I think the wrapped look is more western and more masculine.

Because this is a special year, I wanted to incorporate the school year's dates on the ornament. I'd purchased the also-retiring Headline Numbers to match my Headline Alphabet, and this look suited the whole package well. The letters and numbers didn't compete with the other design elements going on, and I'm really pleased with the look.

Here's one little fun detail: I had made this lasso awhile back for a card that utilized the Wanted set, but didn't end up incorporating it. I thought I'd thrown it out, but I found it as I was pulling the twine through the last hole and thinking about the loop that would enable this to be hung on the tree. It's perfect, and adds a certain whimiscal touch.

As you can probably tell by the length of this post, my pinky finger is doing well. Meds and ice and wearing a brace today at work did the trick, and although there's still a small bit of twinging, it's good enough that I can craft. I'm not going to push it though. That's enough for tonight.

Do you have some tradition you're perpetuating with your family? The ornament a year tradition is one my parents started with me and all the ornaments they gave me over my childhood were sent with me when I graduated from college and went off to make my way in the world. It was good to carry this piece of home with me as I went to a new town. I also read this amazing story at fellow SU! demonstrator Ericka Martin's blog about how her family celebrates Christmas. It's a LONG read, but an excellent one that is a testimony to the power of the Christmas experience to shape one's future. Treat yourself and read it. If you have a tradition you'd like to share, please do!

I'm signing off for the night...gotta get Bob to sign his cards so I can tie them on the gifts for his guys. He's taking them in tomorrow.

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