Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Recap

If you're following along, you know we traveled to IL for the holiday. When I last checked in, we were anticipating celebrating the birth of Jesus with my husband's family and mine. Three days in a row of eating, opening gifts, eating, opening gifts, and eating, opening gifts lay ahead. We did all that, and then some! The gifts were very nice, the food was very good, and all this came and went without any snow. We packed up our gifts in boxes and set them on my in-law's stoop for the UPS guy to come pick up. That was a new experience! Here are a few photos:

Bob with his sister Rory and brother Rick and their ornaments from their mom. They say "Oldest Child: Mom's Favorite", "Middle Child: Mom's Favorite", and "Youngest Child: Mom's Favorite".
My happy man with Guitar Hero III.
Michael with Grandpa N. and his cousins.
The loot "Santa" left at Bob's parents' house.
We three on Day 3 of Christmas.
The train tunnel Michael created with presents at my sister and brother-in-law's house.
Michael with my niece and nephew.

One of the best things we did was the result of an old tradition my parents brought back this year. When my sister and I were kids, one of the presents we would unwrap from my parents would be a puzzle. The point was to provide something for us to work on during Christmas break so that we wouldn't kill each other. This year, my parents thought it would be fun for us to work on a 1,000 piece one together. It took a few days, and I wasn't in on the bulk of the work. Bob HATES puzzles, so he didn't put one piece in place. But it was still a great fun thing that made a memory. I hope we'll do it again next year.

We came home on Friday, getting out on a jet plane just ahead of 6" of snow--oh the agony!! My next post will include a card I made today, but I wanted you to know how the story of the quest for a White Christmas concluded.

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sandra said...

I was afraid you were stuck at O'Hare with the snow!!!
Welcome back
You had a very wonderful Christmas