Sunday, December 30, 2007

A New Year is Coming!

Today was a quiet day. Well, that's not quite how it started, but that's how it's ending. The phone rang at 7am, and it was the Lizza, the shift supervisor on duty at Starbucks. She wanted to know if I'd be willing to come in to fill part of a shift for a sick coworker. I said "yes" and went back to sleep for a few hours.

Before I left for the store this afternoon, however, I did get to spend some time in my craft room. I wanted to experiment with Time Well Spent, a set that was a gift from SU! to all demonstrators this Christmas, and a Level 3 Hostess set that will be featured in the new Spring-Summer Collection catalog, debuting Jan. 1! When it came in the mail, I was in the throes of Christmas and couldn't get all that excited about it, frankly. Today, I determined to change that. It was fun to putz and see where creativity led as I started playing with the set and a layout that SU! provided on the demonstrator website.

The colors are Purely Pomegranate, Groovy Guava, and one of last year's In Colors, Cool Caribbean. I made this card WAY more complicated than it needed to be, but I like the results that layering produced. Besides, it was relaxing!

Does this look like a mess to you? It does to me too, but it's not! It's the innards of a new computer, which Bob and Michael spent this day--RAINY, it was, for several HOURS!!--putting together after an expensive trip to Frye's (Geek Heaven).

They've been talking about doing this for months, and when we arrived home Friday evening and found Michael's computer DEAD (even though we turned everything off before we left town), we knew the time had come. Turns out that know-how saves you money! The parts cost about 1/3 of what purchasing said computer already assembled would've, and the machine is smokin' fast, playing Michael's highly graphic computer game at the highest available level of definition. This is what he really wanted for Christmas, and so he's very very happy.


sandra said...

I love the colors of that card. I finally got to start my scrapbook (only 5 pages for now.
my husband got a new computer too, but we converted to Mac and it is wonderful!!!
See ya on Tuesday

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Lovely card, Jenn! Love the colors! Have a Happy New Year!