Friday, December 7, 2007

Losing our Heads...

This came on the front of an envelope from United Airlines, advertising their Mileage Plus credit card. I didn't trim the heads from these people. That's the way they were drawn. I'm not sure what the point is. If I sign up for this credit card will I have so much fun on the trip I go on with my frequent flier miles that I'll lose my head? These people seem not only to have lost their heads, but their entire upper bodies!

Lest you think this is some strange ad campaign, let me show you a stamp company that has designed its entire line around this phenomenon of headlessness.

My Favorite Things has at least 8 sets that feature headless people, mostly women, doing a variety of things. If you like these sets, let me know why. I just don't get it.

Product Name+ Price Buy Now
Baby it's Cold Outside Baby it's Cold Outside $9.00 Buy Now

Back to School Back to School $9.00 Buy Now

By the Seashore By the Seashore $9.00 Buy Now

Hit the Beach Hit the Beach $9.00 Buy Now

Hot Stuff Hot Stuff $9.00 Buy Now

How Sweet It Is How Sweet It Is $9.00 Buy Now

Shower Time Shower Time $9.00 Buy Now

Think Pink Think Pink $9.00 Buy Now


Nancy Riley said...

TOO FUNNY, JENN !!!! I'm with you ... I don't "get" them either! But then again, I don't "get" ANY non-SU stamps!

L. said...

I'm with you - headless is so..... Tim Burton. I'm not into it. The only one where it works sorta is the Hot Stuff one -- of course I'm biased towards coffee sets.

But your United thingy is even weirder. Wow.

I'm with u!