Monday, December 31, 2007


Several days ago, I posted a hint of a card I'd sent to a friend who loves blue. I had to wait for her to receive it, and now that I know she has, I'm posting it for you to enjoy!

At Target this season, these large snowflakes were sold in packs of 4 for $1. What a deal for a great embellishment! I heard about these from another blogger, and had to go to Target anyway, so I checked out the selection. They had them in a nice traditional white with opalescent glitter, this blue, silver, gold, teal and hot pink! Couldn't bring myself to purchase the teal or the hot pink, but bought some of each of the others!

With such an electric color as this blue, my mind went immediately to those retro silver trees from the '60s that have made a comeback recently. That's the feeling I was trying to evoke when I made this card.

I hope you have an excellent end to 2007 this evening. A few weeks ago, we came to the rude realization that we're going to have to stay up until it is truly midnight if we want to "ring in the new year." Perplexed? Well, when you live in the Midwest you are on CST, which means you can tune in at 11 and watch Dick Clark count down the last 10 seconds of the year and smooch your sweetie when the ball drops and go to bed an hour early. NOT SO when you live in EST!! Michael wants to stay up, so we've started a fire in the fireplace and will do our best to not be party poopers!

We've also heard that our neighbor sets off fireworks at midnight(we were in IL last year on NYE, and the sale of fireworks is forbidden statewide there), so if we fall asleep, perhaps we'll be awakened by this festive activity! The dogs will be psycho if this actually happens...another fun part of living in the South.

Thanks for all the visits you've made to this site this year, and for all your encouraging comments! Happy 2008, and if you live in the area, don't forget to stop by the Starbucks between 4 and 6pm tomorrow to see the new catalog!

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