Monday, September 1, 2008

Modern Friendship and Wonderful You

Our son has a friend named Tristan. They like to get together and hang out. This is what they do when they're together. They sit side by side and play an online computer game. They talk back and forth, sometimes verbally and sometimes using the online chat option. They did this for about 5 hours last night and had a great time. I really don't get it, but I'm not 14. I didn't grow up surrounded by technology that let me type messages to friends and send them through cyberspace, to be received moments later. I wrote letters and waited days and weeks for them to be delivered, read, and responded to.

I didn't grow up with an answering machine on any telephone, so the phone just rang and rang and rang if they weren't home. I had to wait to connect with them until they were home. Not so now; Michael received a cell phone with a texting keyboard so that he can communicate without speaking a word to the person he wants to connect with. While it's convenient, I think there's something sad that it's perpetuating. Communicating without connecting. But he doesn't see it that way. It's just his old Mom who's bothered by it. I'd love your thoughts about this.

Okay, enough of that. Here's the card I made last night. It showcases a technique of dry embossing that doesn't require a brass template, but vellum, stamps, and Versamark ink. I stamped the outline leaf branch image from Wonderful You with Versamark on the vellum, traced it lightly with my dry embossing tool, and had this cool design element to work into a card.

I pulled out the Urban Garden Designer Series Paper--again--and was drawn to the stripes. The color that the vellum was matted to had to be dark or the design wouldn't show. I incorporated some mulberry paper, along with a Going Gray card stock mat and the a Basic Black base. I attached the vellum with silver brads to the DSP. This is a very muted card and I think I'll use it if I need a sympathy card. This card was hard to photograph so that it didn't look washed out.

This was a very busy weekend. Lots of work at Starbucks, with more to come. Don't know how much I'll be able to post, but keep checking back!


sandra said...

not sure about this card...maybe it is the picture or maybe I'm used to see many more colors from you..

Steph said...

I agree about the texting thing. Kids are not learning communication skills by using text talk. Teacher friends of mine say it's hurting the kids spelling skills also. You are not just the "old" mom either.

Anonymous said...

5 hours sitting in front of a monitor! Yikes! Get those boys outside!!!