Friday, September 5, 2008

Inside My Mind

This card has been coming together in my mind and on my desk for a few days now. Here's the thought process I went through as it evolved.

WEDNESDAY EARLY EVENING: 1) What would it look like if I stamped just the smallest flower bud from Inspired by Nature? (If you're sick of this set by now, I can understand. I can't explain why I keep being drawn to it, but I just am.) Get out a piece of scrap Very Vanilla and give it a try.

2) Cute, but how do I keep them going along said strip looking random, i.e. not getting two going in the same direction. That's much mental math for you--quit that!

THURSDAY AFTERNOON: 3) I really want to do something using the new Haiku Designer Series Paper. Kristina Werner really created some beautiful stuff! How many sheets of So Saffron do I have? Only 1? Well, I'm going to use it anyway.

4) I'm going to stamp the sponged flowers in the corners of a larger piece of VV and see what that looks like. I like that! Back to the Haiku. Which two do I like? Oh wow, it's 4:00 already! I need to go fix dinner now. (Leave it all on the table and walk away.)

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: 5) I'm tired after opening at the store. I really should take a nap. But I want to post a card today so that my readers don't think I'm neglecting them. Let's see...I need a focal point. What if I cut out the entire second smallest flower? (Do this.) Nope. Too small. So ink up the largest one and cut it out the same way. OK.

6) Time to mount everything. Why must the DP be symmetrical? Other people don't do this. They just cut into the stuff and are done. Can't do that. It must be a complete pattern. (Painfully slice off small slivers of DP from the OO piece so that the pattern is perfectly symmetrical.) Ooooh and aaaaahhh at the lovely geometry of circles intertwined on the larger piece.

7) What about a sentiment? You could try the "for you" from Say It with Scallops. Nope. It's too big. It'll be fine as a blank card, or with the message inside. Leave the front alone.

8) Should the cut out flowers be adhered with mono adhesive? Dimensionals would be better. Those edges of the dimensionals would work for stem support.

9) Done! Time to photograph and blog. I can still get 30 min. before Michael comes home.


sandra said...

goodness, what a process....sometimes it is easier to color a contact lenses. the card came out welll, by the way!!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

This is gorgeous, Jenn! GORGEOUS!

Christine said...

I figured it was just me that fussed so about a card. It turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing your steps in the process!

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Jenn, while it sounds hilarious transcripted, that's exactly how I work too! Your card turned out amazing. I love that the long process enables "gestation"...where and idea develops and comes to be after a day or two. In the beginning it's only a whisp. Give it a day or two and it becomes a fabulous idea!