Monday, June 16, 2008

A Place for Everything and Everything In Its Place

Do you ever struggle finding everything you need to send a card or include a gift tag with a present? Well, this project I'm going to show you and offer you the opportunity to make will take care of that problem once and for all!

This stationery box was created by SU! demo Jackie Topa and I found it online through reading another stamper's blog. This box is a wonderful place to keep the cards you make in one central location, ready for mailing. Included in the confines of this container are:

4 4.25" x 5.5" cards and envelopes
4 3.25" x 7" mini notes
4 2" x 6" gift tags
1 mini notebook for addresses
1 pocket for holding stamps

Here is another picture.
This box behaves much like the old fashioned secretary desk. It folds open when you need it, and packs away neatly when you don't. No more hunting around, trying to remember "that safe place" you put cards or notes or gift tags when you need them!

I'm having trouble posting pictures of the rest of the items in the box, so I'll give blogger the night to figure out what's going on and make things good again, and I'll continue this post tomorrow.

Get out your calendars. We're going to make these soon!

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Amy said...

You tried it! Very cool! Can't wait to see the rest :-)