Thursday, June 12, 2008

Interesting Nature Photos

I drive back and forth between Starbucks and my home a variety of ways. The most direct route is on a road called 400, exiting at off ramp 16 or 17. There are days like today, however, when I need to go through downtown Cumming so that I can drop off books at the library, pick up chicken at the Tyson company store, or mail cards at the post office. When I choose this route, I pass by this lovely creation. I'm not sure what to call it. Pot Person? Terracotta Lady? In any case, she makes me smile. I have thought of Mary Sytsma, my dear neighbor friend of 17 years and great gardener, every time I've seen it and have meant to capture it in a photo to show her. Finally I was able to do this today!

I just love all the little details--the shoes on her "feet", the fern she sports as "hair", and the plastic banana that is her smile. Although it's quite warm, she also is attired with a scarf, knotted stylishly and fashioned out of what I cannot quite tell. She looks quite welcoming and relaxed as she greets passersby from her bench with her friends the jovial frog and turtle.

The other photos I'm posting this afternoon are of a large, flowering plant/tree/bush of unknown origin (if anyone can help me out here, I'd really appreciate it!).
These are blooming along the main street in the subdivision and have the most unique flowers I've ever seen! Whispy, pink, fragile, and airy, with needle-like petals. They are so puffy and they burst on the scene while we were all busy doing something else. They're along 400 and other roads around here, and they're just a delight. The blooms will be gone before long, but I had to capture this so that someone might help me identify this plant! I realize this isn't a card, but it's beautiful, nonetheless, and needed to be shared.


Deborah W said...

Lovely photos and what a charming Terracotta lady! I'm pretty sure that's a mimosa tree; we have one in our front yard. They are beautiful!

sandra said...

that lady is amazing. The person who made her is definitely very creative.
I never saw flowers like those before , not even in Italy.

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

WHat an adorable TErra Cotta lady! Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne said...

Yep! That's a mimosa tree! They are VERy pretty, but don't park under them! Once those flower drop and start drying out, they'll stick to your car and it takes FOREVER to get them off! LOL

Lydia said...

It's a mimosa - we have them all over here and they smell soooooo good!!