Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Happy Card from a Grouchy Gal

I'm not sure what my deal is today. The weather's beautiful (sunny, mid-80s, no humidity) and nothing bad has transpired to wreck the day, yet I'm restless and getting grouchier by the minute! So as not to rub off on you, I'll post quickly and be done with it.

I was inspired by this card by Jen del Muro. I liked the three panels, the red, the crisp white, and the saffron.

All was going according to plan until I decided to add a ribbon accent. I punched the slot on the wrong side, so the panel that was to be vertical had to be placed horizontally. Still, it turned out well, I think.

The little accent on the saying is from Mark the Date set, and I think it plays off the pattern in the DP quite nicely.

Okay, I'm out of here! Here's to a better day tomorrow...


sandra said...

everyone has a bad day for no reasons at all..shake it off and tomorrow will be better.
the card is very cute: I like the colors

Lydia said...

1) If you're grumpy, it sure is good for your art - holy COW is this post gorgeous. Wow. Really.
2) sometimes we can't track down the grouch, but it's there for a reason - sleep, a little immune system battle, something that isn't obvious but might be important. So just take some me time and take care of yourself!!
3) There's a chance that you're grumpy because it seems so long till convention :)
4) Sweet of you to give us all this when life seems edgy.