Wednesday, August 26, 2009

YEE HAW--My Western Anniversary

Yesterday was my 19th wedding anniversary. I don't feel that old, and I'm not really, I guess. It just seems that almost everything I experienced before I met him is a fuzzy memory. Last night while we dined on sushi takeout, we reminisced about the past 19 years and picked a favorite event for each one. We have been so blessed. Many didn't give us a fighting chance when we joyfully announced our engagement on Jan. 1, 1990. We'd only been dating 3 months, so how in the world could we know enough about each other to make this kind of commitment. We knew. It was the second best decision I've ever made, and I would relive every day again. I'm not waxing sentimental--we just have had a very happy life together.

The card is one I've had in my stash for quite some time. I made it for him specifically, but, while he's VERY supportive of my interest in making cards for others, he could give a hoot about getting one! I just couldn't let the occasion pass, though, without letting him know how fond I am of him. The interior says, "For Life", in response to the "Wanted" on the front.

The card utilizes the Wanted set and pairs together some beautiful colors--Sage Shadow, Chocolate Chip, Very Vanilla, Creamy Caramel, and Really Rust. SS is the base, and the score is at 1.5" and 7 1/8". I used the ink pad swiping technique to create the RR layer, swiping my pad back and forth across the card stock to create texture while laying down pigment. I roughed up the edges and crumpled the CC layer to give it dimension. Then I colored each of the elements--medallion, star, and paisley--several different ways to create a collage.

The border along the flap that is held in place by the medallion was created using VV card stock, swiped with Creamy Caramel ink after I stamped the small elements. The lasso is courtesy of simple twine from the Ace Hardware.

Tonight I'm off to the Ronald McDonald House. Should be a good time! I'm not responsible for the card designs this time, but I've seen what we're going to make, and I think the families will love them!


sandra said...

HAppy Anniversary...what was your first best choice of your life??? (if you c an answer, of course)

Anonymous said...

I too was going to ask what your first best decision was!!

Jenn in GA said...

my best first decision was to become a follower of Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Good for you on both decisions!