Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Celebration

Today is the 15th birthday of my only son. He shares this day with Emily, one of his best friends, whose parents were (and still are) dear friends when we walked through pregnancy together the summer of 1994. Our due dates were 2 days apart, and we promised each other we'd call when we went to the hospital. But we were only 2 days late, and they were 5 days late, so we didn't call and they didn't either. We found out we were both in labor when we arrived on the labor and delivery floor at the hospital and saw each other's names on the wipe board listing who is in what room. I'm sure they don't do this today, due to privacy issues, but we may have not known otherwise!

Our labor rooms were separated by only a thin wall, so Brad and Darcie could hear my dear husband shouting the numbers 1 through 10 as I pushed, so they knew where we were in our delivery process! We chose not to find out what sex our child would be, so we were thrilled to let them know that we'd had a little boy. Darcie delivered Emily Joy few hours later, (they hadn't found out either)and we shared a recovery room. To say these two are friends since birth is true. They literally have never known life without each other.

So, until 3 years ago, they celebrated their birthdays with each other. Separate friend parties and all, but at least a cupcake or ice cream dessert (Michael doesn't like cake) and a gift were exchanged. Moving changed the face to face nature of the celebrating, but we do not let the day pass without at least a card being sent to let Em know we're thinking of her.

This year's card was inspired by the colors of her room--hot pink and orange. The simple color block design was what I chose to communicate a more sophisticated, growing up look. I utilized the Great Friend set and stamped the leaf image with Versamark on the Pink Passion and Only Orange blocks. I used a stamp from Flight of the Butterfly set which says, "one person can make such a difference and that person is you" as the trail from the butterfly.

I wanted a simple interior that would carry the theme forward. I used direct to rubber inking of the border image from Great Friend for message. The "happy birthday" is from Mark the Date.

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