Friday, August 28, 2009

Over the Hill...Way Over.

One of our regular customers, Larry, turns 50 tomorrow. He's a flirt and a schmoozer, and I've called him out on it. He says he's "charming" and there's a difference. I disagree. For example, yesterday he told me and fellow partner Abi that we like flowers in bloom, getting prettier every day. And he says stuff like that every day. We're giving him this card and serving him his coffee in a grande cup I blackened with a wide tip Sharpie. He'll love the attention.

I was going to make a sassy humorous card that poked fun at the death of his "youth", but I'm just not funny and I didn't have what I needed to pull it off at the 11th hour this morning. So I went serious and basic. I used the patterned interior of a security envelope I'd saved to cover the 50 chipboard numbers, and used my classic sentiment from It's Your Birthday.

I love the community that coffee creates.

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