Sunday, May 25, 2008

Progress...a Family Affair

Just thought you might be intrigued enough to be interested in how the craft room painting project is coming along! We ALL--yes, even I--joined forces to get this moving along toward completion. Michael only likes to be photographed when you can't see his face, so here he is working in the closet. It was his first time wielding a roller too, and he did a great job! I really liked the changed color, and I'm SO glad I didn't go the shade darker that I was considering. The white ceiling really makes a difference in how big the room feels.

It did require 2 coats to fully cover the lavender, so we're inbetween the first and second coats on one wall and have completed the second coat on the other walls. Don't know if we'll have enough to do a second one in the closet, but it's a closet, right? We are amazed that it has taken 2 gallons for this space, but two of the walls are 9.5' tall before the ceiling starts, and the other two are 11' 6" at their peaks, so that's a lot of wall space to cover!

One last thing: Renkus-Heinz is the name of a speaker manufacturer, the shirt a perk from a rep who visited Bob's workplace last year.

What have YOU done this holiday weekend? Do share!


Theresa said...

Hi Jenn! Thanks for posting on my blog...We live in Munster, which is the first exit out of Chicago and about one hour and 45 minutes from Fort Wayne. Wow! How did you land up in Georgia? By the way - I love the new color of your craft room! It is beautiful! I will be sure to get her new book...I LOVED the first one!

Lydia said...

Oh that color is gorgeous!!! It's so light and fresh! You will be inspired in that space - and the painted closet is a GREAT idea!!!

sandra said...

that is the same color I want to paint my "crafts" room.
This weekend we went to South Carolina to visit my in-laws and we just came back: now I'm doing laundry....