Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bounce Bounce Bounce...

My nephew is a sports nut! He's into basketball right now, but he "cross trains" by participating in baseball and golf. Last year, this is the card I made him. The front of it said, "Enjoy your birthday, Drew..." It was very well received (or at least his mother liked it!).

Thought I'd continue the "winning streak" I have in this sports card category and try to create Drew a basketball card his 11th birthday.

I'm doing this because he told his mom that what he really wants for his birthday is a "good" basketball. Since it's way more complicated to send a basketball through the mail, and because I have no idea what Drew defines as "good" when it comes to said ball, a gift card is the obvious choice.

This one was very simple to create using my Coluzzle circle and oval cutting system. I used the largest circle to create the base, and the second largest oval to create the curved lines on the ball. Not exactly perfect, but pretty darn close! I used the slit punch to hold the card, but, as this was my first attempt at this, I mispunched them, so I had to improvise and mat the card on a black rectangle of card stock. That turned out to be okay, because it allowed me a place to put a message for Drew that won't be readily apparent when he first opens the card. So sneaky of me!

I can't believe he's 11 already! Time goes by crazy fast, and he's into CLOTHES, of all things, and GIRLS! While we were there last month, he proudly showed us a polo he'd bought at Hollister. He's in fifth grade! Michael could care LESS about these things, and he's two years older! I'm just fine with that.

My fabulous manager at Starbucks made it possible for me to come home 2 hours and 15 min. earlier than expected today, and so I may have enough energy to try a really complicated gift card holder that I saw online yesterday. Stay tuned!

EDITED TO ADD: I had a brainstorm after I finished the basketball card, and used my Lots of Dots jumbo wheel, Versamark, and clear embossing powder to create the nubbies you FEEL on a basketball! It's SO cool!


sandra said...

the dots make a huge difference!!!!

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Oh how cool! I'll bet that feels so lifelike too! Awesome idea!

Alexandra said...

Very creative and a great card for an 11-year old boy, I know my son would LOVE this and he is a basketball freak!!

I love your new pic Jenn!


Anonymous said...

How cool! I enjoy your blog! Thanks, Katie in MI

neelam said...

hi roomie! love your blog and love your cards! my girls especially liked the basketball card and i fell in love with the quilted card!! i know what card i'm making for my mom for mother's day now... :)


My husband is a Red Sox fan too.
Your cards are beautiful