Thursday, May 22, 2008

Clean Slate

Well, this is what the craft room looks like right now. EMPTY!! I had yesterday off and am not working today either, so I sorted through things, pitched stuff (when you have more space, you fill it, don't you?), and brought everything out into the living room.

This is the color that has been on the walls since we bought the house: a kind of greyish lavender. It's not just on the walls, but on the ceiling and raised portions of the door panels as well. It was a little girl's room, so I understand the choice. It's just time for a change. I don't like to paint or tackle big projects around the house; that's why I've not done anything to change anything in the house since we moved in, except place our furniture. But Bob has been repulsed by this color for a long time and wants to gift me with a more pleasant work environment. I've done my part, and now he can work freely.

My parents arrive this afternoon on their way home from a funeral in Savannah. Dad is a meticulous painter, and they'll be here until Saturday morning. He's going to get put to work almost as soon as he walks in the door! After hours of sitting in the car, I don't think he'll mind.

All this to say, there won't be any posts of cards for the weekend. The new wall color is a shade of green--think a pretty misty sage color--and I hope I'll like it! Hard to tell from a chip, as I'm sure you know.

Hope you have a chance to enjoy the long weekend. Fill me in on your plans! If you're not busy, feel free to come by and lend a hand with the painting!


neelam said...

oooohh, i can't wait to see the after pictures!!

Lydia said...

Oh I wish I was there!! I LOVE to paint!! My kitchen is a misty sage green, so I totally can't wait to see your room! That color has turned out to be universally appealing to both women and men who visit our home, so I think you and Bob will be in color harmony. What a nice space you have, not to mention your dad, who seems to improve your stamping space on a regular basis! I'm a misty sage green with envy!! :)