Friday, November 2, 2007

Present Card, Take 2

Good afternoon! I was running errands this morning and saw these beauties along the way. Oh how I love fall! Our trees are really stressed and the leaves are slightly shriveled, due to the severe drought we're in the grip of. But what amazed me when I looked closer is that, despite all they're going through, the tree's leaves are still turning color and giving a glorious display! Now that's what I call praising the Creator. I should take a lesson...but I digress.

I got home as soon as I could from my outing so that I could do more crafting. I wanted to take another whack at that present card, so that I could cement how I made it in my head for future reference. Good thing I did! Gals, I gave you the wrong dimension on the top present this morning--chalk it up to not having the sleepies out of my eyes while counting those little 16ths on the ruler--but the width is 1 5/8", not 1 7/8".

For this version I added a gift tag. I like how this makes it even more clear that these are presents stacked high for that special someone. I also created the second present flap by using a strip of double-sided designer paper (I used the Cerise set for this card) instead of card stock. It added color inside the card as well!

I have been poking around the internet again and I have a technique I want to try, so I'll sign off. Happy Friday...hope you get to stamp this weekend! I'll post pictures from the Christmas Card Assembly Party tomorrow sometime.


My Paper World said...

Great card, I love the added tag it looks fab!

Paula said...

OMG - I just LOVE your photos!! What amazing colour!! I live in Sydney, so we don't get quite that sensational colour here. Up in the mountains yes, but not here.