Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Order Restored

This is more like it! The carpets look much better and the rooms are back to serving as public living spaces, instead of storage lockers. Thanks to those who offered words of advice and support during my spaz attack. I'm still feeling edgy and whelmed by life, but I'm investigating ways to cope and infuse margin into each day. Prayer is a great suggestion, and I am doing that. If I come to mind, you know what to ask for on my behalf--peace!

While everything was out of my craft room, I took the opportunity this presented to do some organizing. I got rid of some things, put some things away, found new homes for other stuff, and generally tidied up. The main physical change made was to the location and height of the table I use to stamp and design.

I have been having trouble with pain in my neck and shoulders after periods of crafting, so Bob suggested raising the work surface on my drafter's table to its maximum height. This means that I stand instead of sit to work, but it's helping. I find that I'm not as sore. The only problem with this setup is that there's a slight angle to the surface. I am using a grippy shelf liner on the surface to address the issue of sliding stamps, and I'm finding this works well.

The station to the left is my cutting surface and the new, temporary home for my ink pads. After Santa comes, I will have one place for all my pads and reinkers and markers. I can hardly wait!! I moved my punches to the top of my work surface, and they're nice to have within reach.

To the left of my cutting station is a new area I've created for projects in process. I have several of the DVD notebook tins to complete for customers, and the elements of our family photo Christmas card were there until I worked on them this afternoon. I hope this will help me know where to go when I'm looking for something!

On the opposite side of the room from those two tables is the new home for my storage tower that holds all my stamp sets. Yes, all my sets that are current are in that tower! I'm very selective about what I buy. The thing I'm most excited about over here is the sewing machine! About 10 years ago, my MIL decided she wanted a sewing machine to do simple alterations and hems, etc., but she didn't do it as much as she thought she would, so when they moved recently she asked if I wanted it. Bob can't understand why he had to haul it home from IL, but I'm looking forward to playing with it and seeing what kind of stitching I can add to my cards. This is all the rage now, if you're not aware, and thanks to Carol, I can experiment!

Tomorrow I'll show you what I worked on this afternoon.

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sandra said...

waht a change and your craft room seems a little bit too tidy!!! now I ahve to clean and organize mine too.....I have no more excuses