Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Babies and more Babies...

Several people in my life have had babies this fall, and I've struggled to send cards because I didn't have a stamp set to use for acknowledging this happy occasion. I recently bought Fun and Fast Notes, and today I had the time to attempt to make something I'd like.

This one I like. This isn't photographed all that well, but the colors are great together in real life. The baby BUGGY (did you know that southerners call the thing you push through the grocery to put your items in a BUGGY?!? NOT!) is one of 8 images, and it's sweet, huh!

This second one didn't photograph well either, but I'm showing it to pass along to show you that if you come up with a layout you like, duplicate it while you already have the stamps out! I happened to need 2 baby cards and I really should be figuring out what we're going to have for dinner instead of making more cards or typing this post, BUT my point is if you make multiples then you'll be ready for the next time you need such a card.

#1 son just asked what we're having for dinner, so I'd better go figure that out. I have tomorrow off as well, so be looking for another post...it'll contain BIG BIG NEWS, so don't miss it!

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sandra said...

very cute!!!