Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today is all about ME!

I am 44 today. I have had the entire day to myself, and I'm lovin' it! I ate what my wonderful neighbor, Lisa Barr, brought to the front door at 7:30 this morning--red velvet cupcakes! I was wondering what I was going to have for my birthday dessert.

I cleaned the bathroom this morning, first thing. I know that sounds like the last thing any sane person would do on her birthday, but it was long overdue and I knew I'd be happier if it was just done. So it was done before 7a and I have been free to enjoy the day since.

I am going to have my favorite lunch--Publix's ham salad and pretzels, with another cupcake for dessert. I'm going to go to the library when it opens at 1p and pick out another book by Sandra Dallas, since I enjoyed Tallgrass so much the past week.

I've also been in the craft room this morning, and here's a card I made with this birdcage full of birdies that has been sitting on my table for weeks, waiting for a card to go with it.

It turned out well, I think. I enjoyed creating a mat that mimics the colors of the birds. I wish SU! would make a sentiment to go with every stamp set, because I'm not sure what I'd pair with these tweeters if I didn't have "just a note" from the Apple Blossoms Hostess Level 1 set! Are you listening, SU!? It's my birthday, and that is my wish. I'll even write the sentiments FOR YOU, if you ask me!

I'm going to fix this recipe for my birthday dinner, and I may rent a movie to enjoy this evening.

While I was in the craft room today, I worked on a project that I think will make a GREAT teacher gift this Christmas. Here's a sneak peek. Stay tuned. You don't even have to be a teacher to like this!

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Life with Kaishon said...

I am glad you had such a wonderful Birthday. That sounds like a very perfect day for certain! I love that you knew you could not enjoy the rest of your day until you got that chore done! Good for you!

Hope your year is fantastic!